Patient Self-Referrals

Welcome to Tripod Fertility

We offer a self-referral service for all persons needing fertility help. This allows you to take your fertility needs into your own hands and allows you to experience patient care as soon as possible. Tripod Fertility is available for assessment of infertility, fertility services, as well as prenatal care, and gynecology consultation care. Complete the Patient Self-Referral form below and click Send.  Alternatively, you can download a PDF version and send it to

**Please note, all self-referred patients will be booked in-person for their initial consultation. To ensure we follow the Ministry of Health's requirements regarding virtual care and establishing patient-physician relationships, we require a physician referral for both the patient and the partner to be able to conduct an initial consultation virtually. If you would prefer a virtual appointment, please provide us with or have your physician send us a physician referral for both yourself and your partner, and we can then book you in virtually.

***In order to complete a semen analysis, sperm freezing, egg freezing, or embryo freezing at Tripod Fertility you will need to book an appointment to speak to one of our fertility specialists.

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