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K and K’s baby arrives Success Stories Leave a Comment

We had such a wonderful and unforgettable experience with Tripod Fertility. Dr. Roumain is warmhearted and nurturing, and undeniably loves what she does. Dr. Dzineku is full of positive energy and his humour gets us every time! These two genuinely care for their patients, and together, they make that perfect combo for those going through fertility treatment! We never feel …


Will Social Distancing Caused by the Pandemic Bring Barriers to Infertility Treatment? Blog Leave a Comment

The Covid-19 pandemic is putting a halt to many aspects of individuals’ everyday lives. On top of having to spend extra time indoors and many shops and restaurants closing down, we also must partake in social distancing to stay healthy and safe. Unfortunately, this has meant delays in medical treatments around the world, in some cases, including infertility treatments. The …


How Infertility Can Destroy a Happy Marriage Blog Leave a Comment

People who are trying to have children but struggling to do so experience a lot of stress, emotion and pressure. When you and your spouse are struggling with infertility, it can begin to take over your marriage, creating habits that can destroy a happy marriage if left unchecked. You Stop Protecting Each Other Infertility can be like a guest you …