Why Should One Undergo Semen Analysis?

When you are ready to start a family, you hope nothing will stand in your way. Unfortunately, for many people around the globe, there are fertility issues which can lengthen the process.

Many people have likely heard of various fertility causes involving the female partner such as endometriosis, blocked fallopian tubes, and PCOS. However, it is important to note that there can be various fertility concerns with the male partner, too. Taking advantage of a semen analysis can help hopeful parents understand what needs to be done to help aid in their fertility journey.

Understanding semen analysis

Deciding whether a test of semen is the best option for you is easier once you fully understand what the analysis entails. Analyzing semen isn’t just about the semen count, as you might assume. The analysis is part of a comprehensive infertility evaluation of the male partner which is done to get a reading of what potential issues may arise while a couple is trying to get pregnant.

The report from the analysis will cover a few key things in regards to semen. First, it will note the volume of semen.

Understanding how much is making its way to the female partner will help in the assessment. With a smaller volume, there is less of a chance of a woman getting pregnant. Another part of the analysis will indicate the pH levels and other diagnostics. This can be helpful in understanding whether there is a need for treatment or changes to help create the healthiest environment.

As you likely know, count and motility are two key factors in a semen analysis. Again, it is necessary to ensure there are enough chances for pregnancy to happen. Motility is important because the sperm must be able to swim to the egg in order to meet it. The analysis will check that there is no issue with this.

Preparation is key for semen analysis

Having your semen analyzed can only benefit you in the long run. Knowing what you are working with is very important. Should there be any issues with any of these components, the fertility medical team will be able to advice on potential treatment options to help.

The actual analysis is easy enough for the man — it only involves a sample being produced that will then be brought to a lab. It is recommended the man practice abstinence for a few days prior to the sample being collected to get the best reading and analysis.

Having a comprehensive look at all factors of fertility really is the best way to have the greatest chance at pregnancy. It is not just up to one partner to work through any concerns, as there could be a need for treatment for both parties. Check with your fertility medical team to learn more about what testing and analysis may benefit you and your partner.